My new blog: U in Milan

It’s been a while since my last update but I guess life happened between the time I quit my job and started out on my own. It was a bold move and it still feels really bizarre when I wake up each morning without having to be anywhere, except in front of my PC. However, my new-found freedom means I get to return to Italy as often as I am needed, and after another lovely Sicilian lunch with the editor-in-chief, I am reassured that the team here really values my contribution to ‘The Luxury Shopping Guide’ and monthly ‘Where Milan’ publications.

Our professional relationship has entered into a third prosperous year, and each trip to the fashion capital over this period has seen me reside in a different part of town – an education and initiation which I believe should earn me ‘honorary citizenship’ and a tour guide qualification too 😉 I started out renting a tiny room in a lady’s apartment on Via Ripamonti, and consequently stayed in costly hotels when it was unavailable. I was a guest at the Consulate General’s residence once and and even lived out of a one-bedroom apartment in Novate, a 20-minute train trip away. Now it seems as though I have finally graduated to the ‘upper’ part of town with a comfortable, clean apartment all to myself.

All this valuable experience – as a tourist and now living like a local – has given rise to something bigger and better; my new e-magazine, ‘U in Milan’. Here, I get to share my interests which have expanded beyond Italian fashion to include Milanese lifestyle. There are a gazillion really good travel websites which focus on exactly the same thing, but what makes ‘U in Milan’ great is the testimonial element meaning that you can take my written words as honest, tried and tested, while most of the photographs are my own.

It’s a fabulous, fun mix of recommended places to stay which I’ve actually lived in; interesting things to see and do which I’ve done; restaurants that I’ve eaten at and loved; my tips and advice which locals would never realise affects foreigners; fashion trends and finds which I have spotted; and of course, an insider’s view at VIP events.

So, if you’re into designer labels or anything artistic, you love travelling and are aching to catch a flight to this concrete runway or perhaps you’re already here, then visit U in Milan and follow U in Milan on Facebook


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